What to Consider When Choosing a Café Racer

Summer is just around the corner and what can be better in a hot summer day than to cruise around the city with the wind gliding over your face? Of course, you need a cool and safe motorcycle in order to experience this to the fullest and we know that we have the perfect recommendation: a café racer. There are some awesome custom café racers for sale here and we highly recommend you to check out the offer. However, do it after you have a clear idea in mind about what it is that you should pay attention to before you actually spend your money? Here is a short list of things to consider before you invest in a café racer, an easy guide for any beginner:

  • The actual cost of ownership. You might feel attracted by an affordable motorcycle and you might actually end up buying it. What if you quickly realize that the consumption is very high or that the exchange pieces are extremely expensive? Once you own a café racer, you also need to make sure of the fact that maintaining it in a good condition is also affordable.
  • The bike itself. What is the cost of the bike itself? How much are you willing to spend on a bike? Make the best possible purchase depending on your budget. If the budget is a very reduced one, don’t rush the purchase. Wait for just a little longer so you can save some more money or make a loan. We can guarantee you that there are a few quite expensive bikes available on the market which are worth every single penny because they have a long lasting life and also because maintaining them is affordable. Don’t you prefer something which you can use for decades for a reduced monthly budget in the detriment of something which is more affordable to buy but more expensive to maintain and which also has a short life span?
  • Insurance- Just like cars, motorcycles require insurance as well, so this is another cost which needs to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about this cost, as it only depends on your record as a driver; the good news is that if you haven’t had incidents so far, the insurance will not be a significant cost to add.
  • Equipment and maintenance- This is a very tricky cost to take into consideration before you purchase a café racer. What type of equipment do you already own that can be reduced? Do you already have some items which you can take off the list? For example, if you already own a jacket and a helmet that you used while driving other motorcycles, then you can use those for the café racer as well. Regarding the maintenance, there will be moments in which you will have to replace certain pieces, so check out the price for these before you choose the café racer; this can help you save money in the long run.