Top Reasons Why Weber Genesis II E-410 is So Special

Weber Genesis II E-410 is now gaining popularity, in terms of the best and reliable gas grill that is available in the market today; but, what makes the E-410 so special?

If you are planning to invest this type of grilling machine, but you need confirmation of how efficient it is in terms of grilling, below are the top reasons why Weber Genesis II E-410 so special:

Reason #1: The high performing burners

You could only consider the best performing grill if it is well-equipped with high-performing burners; in this arena, the Weber Genesis II E-410 is equipped with burners that are built to endure all of the most rigorous grilling moments. The E-410’s distinctive design, having a maximized power of 48,000 BTU per hour, is durable enough to withstand extreme exposure to heat even after years of use.

Reason #2: The infinity igniter

One of the most impressive aspects of most Weber gas grills is the “infinity igniter”; having a single control, you can easily turn the grill on and adjust the overall temperature to its finest. The distinctive upgrade from Weber-manufactured-grills eases you from all the sweaty and frustrating moments when preparing your grill with the right fire or right temperature; all you need to do is turn the “infinity igniter” on and turn the knob to the right temperature indicator.

Reason #3: The grease management system

Cleaning the grease off the grill can be cumbersome and frustrating; especially, when it is present all over the place – not to mention, the possibilities of metal corrosion on areas that are left unclean with grease. Thankfully, the Weber Genesis II E-410 is well-equipped with a grease management system that funnels all the grease from the grilled food into a removable drip tray, which you can easily clean hours after your barbeque party.

Reason #4: The flavorizer bars

Another upgrade that you can find in most new Weber gas grill series is the flavorizer bars; these bars are created with design, together with the method of grilling, provides an extra flavor the grilled meal. But, that’s not all; the flavorizer bars are created to help minimize the flare-up when you are grilling. Moreover, the bars’ design allows the right amount of drippings into the flare, providing an appetizing smoky flavor.

Reason #5: The entire grill design

The Weber Genesis II E-410 is well-designed and well-upgraded with high performing grilling system that makes it so special. It is designed with these other following incredible features:

•    It is created with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain-enameled lid.
•    It is designed as an iGrill 3 compatible gas grill.
•    It is designed with side mounted gas tank, eases your trouble on where to place the gas when grilling.
•    It has 2 stainless side tables and warming rack.

There are a lot of things to love about Weber Genesis II E-410, plus there are tons of positive reviews about it.

So, if you are looking for the best and reliable gas grill, why not consider purchasing the one of the best one – the Weber Genesis II E-410.