Indoor Group Activities for Friends Who Want Fun

Ever had that whip of bad luck in your life when you and your friends are planning to go out and suddenly the rain comes pouring down? You and your friends must be thinking that the party is over, but, this should not be the case. You and your friends can still have fun even when you are inside your house.  Here are some indoor group activities for friends who want to pass the time or to just simply have fun.

Clubbing indoors

If you and your friends are fanatics of going to clubs and disco houses, why not have the club inside your house. You can dim the light and put on some party music. You can have some cocktails and some finger foods set on the table. If you can’t go out and party then bring the party to you. Just make sure the music is not that loud that it would disturb your neighbors.

Karaoke night

If your friends are singers or frustrated singers then you can have a karaoke night inside your house. If you have a karaoke tape or CD, you can play it while your friends sing along with it. You can be the judge and the person who sings best can be the winner.  If you do not have the tape or CD then you can log on to the internet; there are sites there that offer karaoke solutions. Sing the night away.

Play time, fun time

Even if your friends are already adults, you can play games that can let out the child in all of you. You can play games like the guessing game. In this game a person give out hints about someone amongst you while all of the remaining members can have fun guessing who that person is.  The first person who gives the correct answer wins and that person can do whatever he or she wants to another person like draw something on his or her face using a lipstick or a pen.

Of course, if you and your friends are avid gamers, then you’ll have a blast playing online video games during this time. If you’re “Fortnite” fans, then you’ll be happy to check out free coloring pages based on Fortnite skins as well. That will give you and your friends something to else to do in case you don’t want to play games just yet.


Another traditional board game is twister. This game requires at least two players. One spins the dial to determine the color to touch and the corresponding body part to touch it with. The other player executes the actions dictated by the dial. This game is not limited to only two players; you can include up to five players. The more the merrier as most would say. Everyone who participates in this game is bound to have a good time. It requires a player to be flexible and limber. If you do not possess any of those advantages, then good luck with trying to win.

It only goes to show that you can have fun minus the extra expenses and minus the effort of going out to find a place to hang out. You can always have fun in the confines of your own home. You just need to be creative and resourceful with whatever activity comes to mind. Indoor group activities for friends can prove to be very exciting and fun.