Best Portable Car AC Brands to Invest this 2019

Traveling on the road is exhausting and uncomfortable. And, it becomes challenging when driving under the scorching heat of the sun. If you are planning to go on a long-distance road trip with the family, make sure you pack all the things you’ll need to have a comfortable less tiring travel.

One of the best ways to transform road trips into an enjoyable activity is having good entertainment partnered with a cool car indoor. You can make your car cozy by using a portable air conditioner.

Portable car ACs has become a big hit in the market for these past years. Some car owners prefer this item rather than installed AC since it is cheaper and has low-cost maintenance. Moreover, it is energy efficient and convenient. You can install it in the car and transfer it to other vehicles.

Now, portable ACs also comes in different brands, sizes, performance, and prices. Hence, not all portable car air conditioning system that you’ll find will match with your vehicle.

To help you find the best one of these units, check it out right here.

Dometic Polar White

Rooftop RV air conditioning systems are the most effective solution to fighting the summer heat. Although this device has an expensive upfront cost, however, you can guarantee a comfortable and cool ride with your family using this cooling equipment.

The Dometic Polar White is one of the best rooftop RV AC units to look forward this year. This model supports 15 percent more airflow and cooling capacity compared to its older versions. It has a power of 13 500 BTU which is generated by a powerful motor. Also, this unit is more durable and advanced unlike the former models of this brand.


The AboveTek is a famous name of an electric car fan. This option is a great alternative to rooftop ac units like the Dometic. This product is cheaper and can provide a cool environment inside any vehicle.

This fan cooler features a rotatable blade with two-speed selections. Moreover, this product is a strong-operating fan cooler. It can cool down the warm interior of a car in a matter of minutes. Though it is a powerful fan, this item only consumes 8W to 15W of energy when operating.

Likewise, you can place it either on the dashboard or armrest depending as you please. It has a nine feet cord so you won’t experience a problem in installing it on the car.

Dometic Penguin II

Here is another awesome rooftop cooler from Dometic, the Penguin II 640315c car AC.

This item more energy-efficient and consumes less power when operating. It doesn’t slow the vehicle down when in use, unlike other car AC units.

The Penguin II has a power of 13,500 BTU. It also utilizes R410 refrigerant for effective heat dissipation. It works quickly in creating a cooler environment. Also, this device is compatible with the Dometic Air Distribution Kit and Dometic Control Kit.

So, which one of the portable car air conditioning systems is best suitable for your vehicle?

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