Advantages of Homemade Skin Care Products

The skin is such a delicate part of the body, which is why it needs utmost care and protection. Moreover, one person’s skin type is different from another person’s, so no two skin care products are the same. When it comes to skin care, choosing the best and the safest product is important. Otherwise, you risk exposing your skin to products with harsh ingredients that may damage it rather than make it look and feel better.

Price tag has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a skin care product. You may have one of the most expensive bottles of facial serum to keep your skin looking young, but if it contains harmful ingredients, it still will not do what it’s supposed to your skin. In fact, it can make things worse for you. Indeed, not all products advertised as anti-aging or anti-inflammatory work, most commercially manufactured products have many chemicals that actually work in the opposite direction.

For another thing, most store bought products contain chemical fragrances, dyes, detergents, cleansers, and toxic substances. The skin absorbs these but does not benefit from them. Truth be told, labels do not tell the whole story. Most labels will contain ingredients that may not have been identified in the label. You can end up buying an overpriced beauty product that has absolutely no effect on the skin.

That is actually the reason why most people would rather create their own skin care products. It gives them the assurance that all the ingredients in the products they make are natural and non-toxic.

The Better Way

When you make your own skin care products (also referred to as DIY skin care), you can put together a good product at a fair price. Many people still believe that the best health products are naturally made and they are quite correct in this idea. The same is true with skin care; choosing to make your own products is healthier because you have more freedom in choosing the right ingredients for the job.

Another DIY skin care products advantage is that you are free to choose the best ingredients for your product. These products often turn out to be more effective and a lot more economical. These generally manage to save you money, which is a welcome proposition especially nowadays. For instance, a staple in every kitchen, the baking soda, has been proven to be good for a number of skin problems, one of which is blackheads. Apparently, baking soda and blackheads butt heads especially when you pair baking soda with other natural ingredients like water, lemon juice, milk, vinegar, and honey. By mixing baking soda with any of the aforementioned, you can create facial masks that do wonders in removing annoying blackheads.

In addition to all that, DIY skin care products can be made to focus on one skin problem at a time. Most commercially prepared items tend to do more than one thing at a time. In the process, you may inadvertently get what you don’t need or want. For example, you may only want an exfoliant, but it is very possible that along with it, you will get a facial whitener that you have no need for.                                                                                                                                     So, rather than spend hundreds of dollars on various skin care products, do your own. Not only will you save money but also your skin by feeding it only with natural ingredients.